Friday, 7 November 2014

Oaklands School

Oaklands School just had it's 50th jubilee.The production characters are based on old staff that used to work here, for example the first principal Andrew Anderson.

 The School use to have a different uniform, the boys wore green pants, white t-shirts and a red tie, and the girls wore green gym frocks. Then they got to wear mufti clothes. After that they wore a different uniform and now we wear a red shirt and green pants.

Mrs Trotter gave out wrist bands for the jubilee, the colours are dark green, light green and red.

 When the school started there was 240 children and 9 staff.

In the next 50 years I think the uniform will have buttons to make you fly, and a Ipad on the front of the uniform.Students need to fly to places quickly.

Friday, 31 October 2014

100 WC

In 2014 I bought a cat from the pet shop. It was very unusual because the cat had green fur, but it was talented. I took him for swimming lessons. He broke everything in my house, every thing was broken. One day my cat lifted a grand piano. He is the fastest living being alive. He went to the Olympics and the Commonwealth games. He came first in sprints, he came first in weight lifting, he came first in swimming. Every time he came first! Years later he became the worlds smartest living being alive. He was on newspapers and heaps more.

Friday, 24 October 2014

100 WC

It was 1314 when THE cloak was found.The cloak was sitting on a bench in a church.It was dusty,ancient and looked like it hadn't been ironed for years.The priest of the church piked up the cloak and found a letter in it.He read it and it said
"If you wear this you will turn into stone."
When the priest tried the it on became a stone statue.Seven hundred years later,it was 2014.The church was gone but the priest was still there in the same pose,standing motionless beside a much younger tree.

Friday, 17 October 2014

100 WC I could not believe the smell

As i woke up from my dream,something was scorching near me.I could not believe the smell.The smell of the scorching flew throughout the house.It was so strong but at the same time it smelt like bacon grilled on the BBQ.I sniffed my way through the house to try and find out what the smell was.It was like I had to sniff through a jungle.I entered the kitchen, and suddenly the smoke alarm went of.It turned out it was just cookies baking in the oven.Mum dashed to the kitchen and said
"step back"
I told mum, It's just cookies in the oven,don't panic

Friday, 26 September 2014

Sully and Shikes

Bzzz, Sully's alarm clock went off. She had to go to work.
"Sully breakfast is ready," shouted Shikes.
Sully raced down the stairs and went to the breakfast table. Sully and Shikes are best friends and also flatmates.
"Mmmm yummy eggs,"said Sully.
"OH NO, we hardly have any money to pay our bills," yelled Shikes

Later that day Sully went to work and thought about her bills. Sully worked in a magical library. Sully was really stressed out.  She picked a book out of the restricted area. The time flew past. It was 6pm,
"time to go home everyone," commanded Mr.Linden.

Sully caught the bus back to her house.
"Shikes I'm home," shouted Sully.
No one replied.
"She is probably at a restaurant or something with her friends," thought Sully
Sully changed into her pyjamas and walked to her bedroom. She opened the book that she picked from the restricted area of the library.

A shine of light was facing at her. Suddenly someone with an axe appeared from the book.
"Whwhwhwho are you?" cried Sully.
"I'm the axe murderer," threatened the deep male voice.

BANG! Sully and the axe murderer heard a door bang down stairs. It was Shikes! Shikes saw Sully fighting the axe murderer.
"Shikes run!" yelled Sully
"No, I am going to help you" replied Shikes.
Shikes grabbed a sharp pair of scissors and stabbed the axe murderer in the shoulder.
Ahhhhh!" screamed the axe murderer.
The axe murderer tightly held his axe and swung it at Shikes.

"No no no no no no" cried Sully.
Shikes head had been chopped off.
"I will kill you" yelled Sully
Sully squeezed the axe murderer eye out. The axe murderer bit Sully's arm off in reply. The axe murderer had Sully on her knees, swung his axe and chopped her other arm off. Chop chopedy chopley chopamania everything. Then chchchchchch. Someone had been decapitated, someone but we don't know.

Friday, 15 August 2014

A trip to a unknown planet

One toasty double layered, triple coated, heated, water proof leather jacket, just in case i get cold.

One fuel powered extra large,50,000 volt,extremely high temperature, life long lasting generator, just in case i have to charge my Ipad.

One icy cold, brain freeze giving, pink flavor,drowning milkshake, just in case i get thirsty.

One good old friend, just in case i get lonely.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Diamante Poem

                                                                         Fairy Tales
                                                              Fighting, Sleeping, Arguing
                                     Sleeping Beauty, Big Bad Wolf, Jack and the bean stalk, Frog
                                                                Eating, Running, Braking
                                                                          Fast, Tragic

Monday, 12 May 2014

Reading goal

iALT to know what different words mean.
This is my reading activity and I had to write what the word means and write words that mean the same

Number patterns

WALT create a pattern and state the rule.


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Living Springs Camp Photos

My team and I spotting Brooke.    
Doing the big walk with my friends.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Choose your culture,treat it four ways

 We are learning about the elements and techniques of panting.
We are able to share our culture identities through the arts

1. I chose the Australian culture as the subject of my panting.I researched the icons of Australia and decided to focus on the kangaroo design because it is a national animal to the Australian culture.

2.I then learnt about pop art style created by Andy Warhol.In this style he chose popular icons and painted them using different colour mixes.He said that the rules of art were made to be broken.So his work was very new and creative when he started doing this.

3.I learnt about the colour wheel and the different colours on it:Primary colours-red yellow blue.
Secondary colours-Made by mixing the primary colours together.
Complementary colours-Colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel.

4.We drew a bold design of our icon using drawing pencil.We then turned it over and traced in onto cartridge paper four times,once in each quadrant.

5.We then chose the colour patterns we were going to paint our icon in.

6.I chose

Complementary-blue and orange.
Analagous-yellow,green and yellow green.
Black and white
Monochrome-red,light red and dark red.
To finish off I will detail in black.
I think my panting is on the Extended abstract level because I used all the elements on my panting.

Chain poem

Living springs camp new experiences
Swimming,splashing and games
Underneath the water trying to hold my breath
The pool is very big
Waves splashing in and out of the pool
Chlorine burning in my eyes
Bombs creating waves
My friends and I having fun