Friday, 26 September 2014

Sully and Shikes

Bzzz, Sully's alarm clock went off. She had to go to work.
"Sully breakfast is ready," shouted Shikes.
Sully raced down the stairs and went to the breakfast table. Sully and Shikes are best friends and also flatmates.
"Mmmm yummy eggs,"said Sully.
"OH NO, we hardly have any money to pay our bills," yelled Shikes

Later that day Sully went to work and thought about her bills. Sully worked in a magical library. Sully was really stressed out.  She picked a book out of the restricted area. The time flew past. It was 6pm,
"time to go home everyone," commanded Mr.Linden.

Sully caught the bus back to her house.
"Shikes I'm home," shouted Sully.
No one replied.
"She is probably at a restaurant or something with her friends," thought Sully
Sully changed into her pyjamas and walked to her bedroom. She opened the book that she picked from the restricted area of the library.

A shine of light was facing at her. Suddenly someone with an axe appeared from the book.
"Whwhwhwho are you?" cried Sully.
"I'm the axe murderer," threatened the deep male voice.

BANG! Sully and the axe murderer heard a door bang down stairs. It was Shikes! Shikes saw Sully fighting the axe murderer.
"Shikes run!" yelled Sully
"No, I am going to help you" replied Shikes.
Shikes grabbed a sharp pair of scissors and stabbed the axe murderer in the shoulder.
Ahhhhh!" screamed the axe murderer.
The axe murderer tightly held his axe and swung it at Shikes.

"No no no no no no" cried Sully.
Shikes head had been chopped off.
"I will kill you" yelled Sully
Sully squeezed the axe murderer eye out. The axe murderer bit Sully's arm off in reply. The axe murderer had Sully on her knees, swung his axe and chopped her other arm off. Chop chopedy chopley chopamania everything. Then chchchchchch. Someone had been decapitated, someone but we don't know.