Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Learner Licence

In class we have licences. Their is teacher licence wich is the worst one. You always have to sit next to the teacher. Their is regulated learner licence. The teacher gets to pick where you sit. Their is independent learner licence. You get to sit anywhere in the class room. Their is mobile learner licence. You get to learn anywhere in the school. I am at independent learner licence. 


We have been learning about perimeter and area of a shape.


This is a board that has my schosen career on it


This is our reading from last week. The article we read was Timber. Our must do activitys were to read a article about a after glow. I chose a tic tac toe sheet because the article was full of facts.

Friday, 19 June 2015

2 timestable

WALT: find the primeter and area of a shape. In maths we learnt how to find the area and perimeter of a shape. To figure out the perimeter of a shape you always need to plus all the sides. To figure out the area of a shape you always need to times and chunk the shape.

In reading we read an article about timber. My prediction about the article was "I predict this text will be about trees and what people used trees for because of the title. The summary sheet that I chose was the tic tac toe sheet because the artcle has so much facts. The must dos activitys was to read about the after glow on dogo news. The other must do was to write the word that is described.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Merit badge peer mediation evidence
Today I showed I was a role model by doing my peer mediation duty. Our group was supervising the Kakano area. We had no problems at lunch time. What we could do next time is explore more of the area for kids out of bounds. We also could of ask kids if they have any problems because alot of kids don't want to tell anyone what happens.
WALT: explore authors purpose and question intent. We read the story, Watch for edge slumps and we did a prediction activity sheet and a vocabulary sheet like always. I chose to do the, What's the big idea? summary sheet. Our Must Dos activity was to answer some questions of the new Worlds highest and longest glass bridge ever. The other Must Do was a hyphen activity. Our teacher session was to draw a New Zealand sign and write a story about it, I will show you my sign and tell you my story.

This is sign is only found on the longest highways. If you past this speed limit you will pay five dollars and get executed on the spot. If you go slower than the speed limit, others are allowed to damage your car in any way.   
Merit badge PALS evidence
On Monday the 8th of June I showed I was a role model to the little kids by setting up a game for PALS. We had the field layed out for a game of octopus. Next we tried to gather a lot of people. Unfortunately no one wanted to play. What we could do next time is be more enthusiastic for the game and be more welcoming. Also let people know in advanced.