Thursday, 26 September 2013


When i look at the photo it always amazes me how much i have changed from the scared,skinny little boy in the too big uniform.Some times i think it's not even me.

It was a dreary Monday morning.I was getting changed into my blue uniform.It was to big.I was shivering.I didn't wanted to eat breakfast.When i was on my sqeeky scooter brother,dad and mum all came and walked with me.It was overcast but warm.

There she was,my teacher Miss Louther.Was i neveours?Yes.But she was nice she made us feel welcome.She always smiles like the joker off batman.

When i was doing my learning,maths was my favourite subject i could of already count to thirty.That day i was so happy because i had so much friends.

Monday, 8 July 2013



Gorillas are a part of the monkey family that live in Asia and Africa.They are unusual because they can hold on to things with their feet ,which are like human hands .We need to look after Gorillas and protect them from becoming a part of the black market so they don’t become extinct.

Gorillas like to live in wet rain forest. They only live in equatorial Africa in the following countries: Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Demoratic Republic of Conga, Gabon, Guinea, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda. The Gorilla lives on the ground but eats from the trees. They like to climb and swing through trees and can use their four hands to do this.

Gorillas are primarily vegetarians except for occasional treats of ants. They like to eat leaves, bamboo, celery and other vegetables.

What it looks like
Gorillas have black thick fur and have fingers like a human. They have a huge nose and a head which is just bigger than a humans head.

Gorillas have no breeding seasons. Gorillas are mammals so babies come out of their mum’s tummy. The mum feeds the baby milk. It grows like a human. A baby looks like a adult but it has less fur.

We need to stop killing gorillas, spread the word out to other people to stop them from doing it  to, and protect one of the most fascinating human-like animals on our planet.

Friday, 21 June 2013


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