Thursday, 24 September 2015


This term I think I did well on my speech because, I spoke clearly and at a good volume.
This shows that I persuaded mostly everyone to my speech.
If I could do it again I would look up more and speak slower.

Goal 3 for term 4

Next term I could improve on trying my hardest on fitness.
I want this to happen so I can burn off more energy so I am not hyper during class.
This means I will be sweating and puffing because I went 100% on fitness


Something I have done well this term is finishing most of my SDL.
The reason for this is I pick a good learning buddy.
To finish all of my SDL I could bring my BYOD so I get a device every time.

Goal 2 for term 4

My second goal for term 4 is to add to my national standards spread sheet more often.
This shows I don't sign off my goals often.
I want to add to this spread sheet at least every week

Good learning buddy

Something I did well was choosing a good learning buddy.
This shows I can get on with my learning because I won't talk.
My next step is to choose a good learning buddy and a good learning place.

Goal 1 for term 4

One of my goals next term is to get to class earlier at lunch times.
This shows I get to class late and get told off for being late.
To help improve this goal I could stop what I am doing straight away when the bell rings.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games 2015

Over the last three days the year 7/8 area played four sports, I played football and I was in the B team. I really enjoyed it because we got to play a lot of games and everyone got the ball. Thinking back to the beginning of the year, I really improved because I can make dribbles and I still pass heaps. Next year if table tennis was available I would play it.