Thursday, 26 September 2013


When i look at the photo it always amazes me how much i have changed from the scared,skinny little boy in the too big uniform.Some times i think it's not even me.

It was a dreary Monday morning.I was getting changed into my blue uniform.It was to big.I was shivering.I didn't wanted to eat breakfast.When i was on my sqeeky scooter brother,dad and mum all came and walked with me.It was overcast but warm.

There she was,my teacher Miss Louther.Was i neveours?Yes.But she was nice she made us feel welcome.She always smiles like the joker off batman.

When i was doing my learning,maths was my favourite subject i could of already count to thirty.That day i was so happy because i had so much friends.


  1. cool recount! We don't have uniforms at our school but i am surprised how big big ive grown too! i must've grown 2 inches in the last week!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story Joe. I like that your work is in paragraphs with one main idea in each. Our suggestion is that you work on putting a capital for when you write the word "I" instead of "i". Also when typing leave a space after a fullstop. e.g.
    " .... ? Yes. But...." . Its a good story and we liked the bit where you used good adjectives, like "SQUEAKY scooter" and "...SCARED, SKINNY LITTLE boy."

    Comment from Room 6 Waikanae School.

  3. Nice work JOE!!! My only 2 suggestions is that you check your spelling before you post your work and check your punctuation. Otherwise it was fine. The thing I like about your recount is that people know how you expressed yourself with your recount.

    Kind regards Jak