Thursday, 3 March 2016

Leadership in the food forest

Over the last two the year 8's have been working on the food forest because it needed some work.
Group D AKA my group did chop and drop witch is where you cut the plant 2cm long from top to bottom.
I also cut all the unwanted little bushes.Before that we made envelopes and collected the seeds with the year 4's, we collected the seeds because the 4's next year are planting them.We used envelopes so the seeds won't sweat. It was really hot so it got hard at times to cut down things. Here is a photo of the food forest. It was fun because we got to explore the food forest. What we could done next time is to get more seeds in a envelope. We also had to write the date of when we got the seeds and the name of the seed 

Here is a photo of the food forest.

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